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The purpose of the project

to create high-quality, modern and well-designed lessons of Russian
as a foreign language.

About the project

Youlang is an endless live tutorial that is being created right before your eyes and changes according to your feedback and comments.

Intermediate and advanced level lessons are based on articles from popular online publications. We select such topics which could correspond the students’ interests and would help them to express their own opinion. Lesson materials reflect events and trends that take place in today’s world. And the world, as you may guess, is changing rapidly, and the language is changing with it. Therefore, a “weekly lesson release” format has been chosen presenting the following topics: society, culture, science, education, psychology, travel, Russia and more.

The elementary level lessons are fully developed by our authors and correspond to the main communication situations that the student may face, for instance in areas such as: transport, University, Bank, pharmacy or shop. Lexical and grammatical content of educational materials is strictly tested for compliance with lexical minima and requirements to this level.

Why is YouLang convenient?

By purchasing a subscription, you do not just PDFs for classes, but you get an access to a user-friendly online service, where you can always find the necessary lesson by searching, filtering and sorting by level and topic. Programmers have set up our website from scratch in order to allow you not to waste time on creating the local archive of lessons - all the materials are always close at hand on the site.

On our website there is an option to preview lessons in details, through which you can have a glance on the material and only then buy a corresponding lesson or subscription to the website. In addition, on you can listen to all the audio materials included in our lessons.

For teachers

We know how much time is usually spent on preparation of our own materials for the lesson. Our project will allow you to reduce this time and focus on inspiration for your own ideas. Our lessons are communicatively oriented and allow to arrange exciting and thought-provoking discussions and role-playing games. To gain such experience during the lesson, our materials include modern vocabulary and grammatical tasks that encourage students to share their opinion using the most appropriate words and expressions.

For language exchange

If you have a language partner and communicate on a daily basis, someday you may eventually notice that you talk about the same topics every time. It can be rather boring and inefficient. Right at this moment, our lessons are to help you. Just before starting the chat, send one of our lessons to your pen-friend and try to discuss the topic during the conversation or even complete the exercises together.

For self-study

If you would like to learn Russian as a foreign language on your own, you can download lessons of different levels from A1 to C2. Each lesson has an exciting text, video or audio materials, tasks and answer keys. You can always test yourself! Use all the lessons on different topics to learn new Russian vocabulary, to read, write and speak Russian. You are getting better with every lesson.


Youlang is, first of all, a team of professionals who are passionate about the common cause. Our authors are certified philologists with the RFL specialization. They are also experienced in universities and language schools. Therefore, their lessons are always full of new ideas, but at the same time meet the RFL teaching state standarts. The authors are assisted by an editor, Illustrator and voice specialist. The designer develops the appearance of all our materials, finding unique solutions for each lesson. This will help you to distinguish yourself from other teachers and attract new students!
Teacher of Russian as a foreign language at the Belarusian State University (preparatory faculty). 2013-2016 - proofreader and editor in the Office of Editorial and Publishing Work of BSU, where she was engaged in integrated preparation for printing textbooks and teaching aids for university students, including RFL. Moderator of the Russian speaking club for foreigners in Minsk. I speak fluent English and Spanish, I study Chinese. I am fond of teaching methods of foreign languages, cognitive linguistics and electronic means of teaching.
Graduated from the faculty of Philology of Lomonosov Moscow state University with a degree in Theory and methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language. Several times a year I pass courses of professional development of teachers. She taught at the Moscow state Polytechnic University, Moscow language schools and camps, embassies of foreign countries in Russia, I cooperate with the international Agency for the selection of private teachers, foreign teachers and language schools, as well as teach online. I speak English and Spanish fluently, have additional qualification of translator from English and French.
A teacher of Russian as a foreign language, she graduated from the magistracy of the State Russian Language Institute. Pushkin in the direction of the RFL. She worked on the creation of online courses on RCT for the portal "Education in Russian" and in the Center for Language Testing for the level of proficiency in Russian as a foreign language. Co-author (with E.L. Korchagina and N.A. Kozlovtseva) of the manual "100 points forward" (Russian language publishing house. Courses - M., 2018). I am interested in online education, new technologies, I keep a blog on YouTube about language and literature.
De Paulis
A teacher of Russian as a foreign language, she graduated from the magistracy of the State Russian Language Institute. A.S. Pushkin in the direction of RCTs, Bachelor of Moscow State Pedagogical University (pedagogical education, Polish). Passed training internship at the Pedagogical University. Commission of Education in Krakow. She worked as an assistant at the Department of Contrastive Linguistics at the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​at Moscow State Pedagogical University. Currently, he is a senior teacher of the Russian language department as a foreign preparatory faculty of the State Russian Language Institute. A.S. Pushkin.
In 2014 she received a diploma from St. Petersburg State University with a degree in Russian as a foreign language. She taught RCTs at the Derzhavinsky Institute of Foreign Languages ​​and at the St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, and now I study privately with students. My second specialty is the editor-corrector, I completed the mastering of the St. Petersburg State University master"s program “philological foundations of editing and criticism,” since 2017 I have been working with St. Petersburg publishing houses as a freelancer. I am working on my PhD thesis on Russian sustainable comparisons. I like foreign languages ​​(I speak English, I dream to speak Chinese) and modern Russian literature.
- PhD in Education (Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language); - Author of educational courses “URA! Russian for English-speaking students”, “Russian Grammar through Songs” and "Bukovkiny istorii" (The Letters" Stories); - Teaching methodology expert and educator with 15 years of experience in teaching foreign languages to students of all levels of language competence; - Currently co-ordinator of Russian language studies at Queen Mary University of London; - Research interest: concept of motivation in foreign language learning and the ways of enhancing it in the classroom through various creative educational tools including communicative games, songs and use of drama techniques.
sound, voice
Leading programs on the Russian-language radio station in Lithuania, a teacher of RFL online, avid traveler, author of two channels on youtube. He graduated from the faculty of Slavic Philology and journalism of Kaliningrad state University (now BFU named after I. Kant). I am fond of studying foreign languages (I speak Lithuanian and English, I study Italian). I believe that a sincere smile and correctly chosen tone of voice can open any door and melt any heart.
The teacher of foreign languages and RFL. I graduated from the St. Petersburg State University Faculty of Philology. I speak English and German. I try not only to teach Russian to foreign students, but also to learn their language, so I study Italian, Japanese and Turkish. I participated in the project to save the languages of the peoples of Russia. I believe that the diversity of languages is the real wealth of humanity, which we are to preserve carefully.
My work experience as a programmer is over 9 years. I know PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS perfectly, I have excellent MySQL skills, and I also work with modern frameworks Laravel, Vue.js, I am experienced in working with high-loaded projects. I have been creating complex projects, such as, a large social network, food delivery service and others. I am interested in modern technology in IT sphere, I try to adhere to the principles of a healthy lifestyle (I take an ice shower and I dream to swim easily in the winter at sea).



Head of online school of RFL
Youlang lessons include texts and exercises for students at different levels. The system of exercises is made correctly, communicative tasks are taken into account. Lessons are to suit both newcomer teachers and professionals with extensive experience. I definitely recommend Youlang!"
Teacher of RFL, head of the international online RFL school "Russificate", administrator of the Facebook community "Teachers of RFL".
"Youlang offers the widest choice of actual topics that motivate even the most uncommunicative students to speak. YouLang is a magic wand for teachers. If you don"t have time to prepare for the lesson, just print out one of the YouLang worksheets, and your lesson will go “with a bang!” "
Co-author of the educational complex "Tochka.Ru"
'Teacher-methodologist in the school of the Russian language "Izbushka" (Zurich), co-author of the educational complex "Tochka.RU".
Author of textbook "Russian Souvenir"
"I am happy to collaborate with Youlang, we have been friends with this project for a long time! Great team, it is a real pleasure to deal with them. They have created well-designed lessons. I think they bring a lot of benefit to our world RKI. Well done guys! Keep it up!"
Author of the educational complex "Russian Souvenir" and "New Souvenir"
"I like the materials and worksheets offered by Youlang, they are modern, well-designed and presented in high-quality. The website has a convenient sorting of materials by levels and topics, it is possible to preview test pages and to choose the needed one. I really like this function. I"m already using the materials while working with teenagers and adults. I definitely do recommend Youlang!"
The author of the textbook “Soroka. Russian language for children ”
Author of the educational complex "Soroka 1", "Soroka 2" and "Soroka 3"
Teacher of RFL
The team is doing a great job! Really well-designed, relevant, actual texts – a real help to the teacher. Thank you very much!
Philologist, teacher of RFL. Works in Ojha Language School, China
“The lessons are wonderful, deep developed methodically, and interesting for students at the same time. I use with Youlang lessons with great pleasure. I recommend these lessons students and teachers! ”
Director of the Language Learning Center
Director of the Study Languages Center at the Kyrgyz National University, Bishkek. Since 1987 Tamara Simonovich has been teaching Russian as a foreign language at the university. Since 2011 she has been teaching Russian as a foreign language online.
The teacher of RFL
"I really enjoy what you do here. The whole idea behind the language study "why we speak" and not the "how we speak" is really convenient and students like it. A good variety of topics allows for making interesting debates within exercises where role-play is involved.
A teacher of RFL and Russian as a native in Serbia. She graduated from the SamSU philology department. She has been teaching Russian to Serbs in Novi Sad since 2010.
“If you are a teacher of Russian having trouble finding interesting material for your advanced intermediate students, or are a foreigner who struggles to find interesting, useful material with which to practice/brush up on your Russian vocab, this is a very useful website”
Alice Williams
Student from the US
She has studied Russian for a year at Moscow State University.
Teacher of RFL, author of tutorial "Russian - easy!"
"Youlang RFL ready-made lessons are like "holidays" for my tired pedagogical soul! Different levels, relevant topics of communication, high-quality audio materials and lexical and grammatical tasks! Will I use it? Definitely YES!"
Methodologist, teacher of RFL. Works at the Institute of Russian Language and Culture, Lomonosov Moscow State University.


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